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Midwest Airlines Selects Juro International Systems New Revenue Analysis System

Kansas City (November 15, 2005) – Juro International Systems, Inc., a leader in Revenue Analysis software and services for the airline industry, today announced that Midwest Airlines as "The best care in the air" has signed an agreement for new software that will allow the airline to warehouse and study real-time revenue analysis information, including information on flights booked through its various distribution channels.

Midwest Airlines will use data delivered through Juro's user-friendly JIS-MIT Revenue Analysis system to analyze and develop pricing, revenue management, network planning, distribution channel and sales strategies. The JIS-MIT system uses transmission control number (TCN) data provided by global distribution systems (GDS) and created by Midwest Airlines' internal E-ticket system. JIS-MIT applications are found at http://www.jurois.com/JUROWEB/MITBrochure.htm.



Gregory Aretakis, Vice President of Planning and Revenue Management at Midwest Airlines said, “Juro's Revenue Analysis System will enhance our ability to evaluate revenue data.   With the real-time information collected from TCN, we will be able to make more timely responses to marketplace
changes and more effectively identify our best revenue opportunities."

"We are very pleased that we have been chosen by Midwest Airlines that has proven itself to be an innovator in the major marketplace. Midwest Airlines and Juro are embarking on a true strategic partnership in fulfilling the need for leading edge revenue analysis systems (JIS-MIT) proven to deliver incremental revenue improvement.  We are looking forward to having a long-lasting relationship between the two companies and assisting Midwest Airlines long-term goal to improve its profitability,” said Kenji Oba, Juro International Systems president.

About Juro International Systems
Juro International Systems is a data management, information technology and consulting firm. With the combined experience of more than 50 years at seven major airlines, JIS develops innovative and cost-effective software solutions. Assimilating complex data from various sources and providing management with problem-solving tools that will improve performance is their primary goal. The mission of JIS is to serve the needs of its clients by providing accurate, real time data that can be used for key decision making and the delivery of results that will provide immediate improvement to their client's financial statements and efficacy of operations. For more information on Juro International Systems, please visit www.jurois.com or call 816-531-9222

About Midwest Airlines

Midwest Airlines features jet service throughout the United States, including Milwaukee's most daily nonstop flights and best schedule to major destinations. Skyway Airlines, Inc. -- its wholly owned subsidiary -- operates as Midwest Connect, which offers connections to Midwest Airlines as well as point-to-point service between select markets on regional jet and turboprop aircraft. Together, the airlines offer service to 48 cities, including San Diego -- the airline's newest destination. More information is available at www.midwestairlines.com .