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ATPCO and Juro International Systems team up to provide carriers with unique marketing intelligence

Dulles, VA, March 16, 2006 – Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) has teamed with Juro International    Systems (JIS) to provide carriers with unique marketing intelligence through an optimization of the ATPCO TCN Sales Data Distribution Service with the cost-effective and user-friendly JIS tool.

ATPCO TCN Sales Data Distribution Service provides airlines with the most robust data content available in the marketplace today for all ticketed transactions where they participate in the ticket.

The combination of the rich sales data distributed via the ATPCO TCN Service with JIS technology will provide carrier decision-makers with optimal data integrity and utility. Additional ATPCO product details can be found at www.atpco.net/products/tcn.html

“ With our state-of-the-art marketing intelligence tool, users can easily navigate sales data distributed via the ATPCO TCN service to provide an unprecedented level of insight to the market and individual city-pairs served by the customer carrier”, said Kenji Oba, President, Juro International Systems.

“ATPCO is very pleased to work with companies that add value to ATPCO solutions to the benefit of the airline industry. Together, ATPCO and JIS are able to address the information needs of the global carrier community in a cost-efficient way,” said Rolf Purzer, ATPCO’s Vice-President and General Manager of Product Development and Marketing.

ATPCO is the industry leader in the collection and distribution of airline fare data and offers additional services to support Revenue Accounting and Revenue Management. Airline owned, its headquarters is in Washington D.C., with offices in London, São Paulo and Singapore. For more information please visit www.atpco.net/products/tcn.html.

About Juro International Systems
JIS is a Missouri-based company specializing in Information Technology and Consultation. JIS is a global-provider of marketing intelligence tools, with over fifty years of major airline data management and marketing experience.  For more information, please visit www.jurois.com.