JURO International Systems, Inc.  Aviation Consulting Company


CEO, Kenji Oba

     Juro International Systems was founded on the premise that it is possible to develop simple, cost-effective software solutions. It has been my personal experience, at four major airlines, that management at all levels is seeking the means for making immediate, real time decisions. However, both the timeliness and availability of quality information have often eluded many companies.

     The software programs developed by JIS are specifically designed for ease of installation and immediate use. By simplifying our software programs they require less time to develop and are easier to use and understand. Results are readily available for strategic planning, market development and data analysis. Simplicity of design also makes diagnostic alterations and program changes faster, minimizing data flow disruptions. The bottom line will be more immediate adjustments to market changes, better allocation of resources and the ability to lead the market rather than follow it.

     Our mission is to serve the needs of our clients by providing accurate, real time data that can be utilized for key decision making and the delivery of results that will provide immediate improvement to your company's financial statements. To that end, we pledge our personal commitment, time and resources to the success of your aviation needs and endeavors.


Kenji Oba
Juro International Systems, Inc.